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WOF. Data access utilities through a WaterOneFlow web service

The use of web services to make hydrological data available is currently widespread. One of them is WaterOneFlow (see ) which is compatible with WaterML ( ), an information exchange file standard hydrological

The BYU Hydroinformatics Laboratory team at Brigham Young University has developed the PyWaterML package ( ), which is particularly useful for accessing data via of a WaterOneFlow web service.

The main objective of WOF is to integrate PyWaterML within EDAPHI and add some complementary functionalities.
As usual in EDAPHI applications, this module can be used in command mode and by programming in Python. 
Provides data access commands with the ability to generate maps, XLSX and CSV files, as well as present information on the screen

In the use of the module in Python, it facilitates the use of pywaterml and converts its results in the form of a dictionary to results in the form of lists compatible with the forms of storage within EDAPHI

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