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I have many publications, although I have had more activity as a speaker at events. Bellow you can find some references.

Access to free downloads of several of them is offered here. Some of them can also be accessed at bubok, in case you want to buy the printed version

The "EDAPHI" page includes the publication:

"Development Environment for Hydrological Analysis and Calculation"

BASES SPH 2015 - Conceptual and organizational bases for hydrological forecasting systems

This book (only spanish) aims to provide a synthesis with a global vision, to clarify fundamental concepts and to offer a basis that facilitates the comprehension of other publications.

The download is free of charge and printed copies can be purchased at Bubok.


Bases SPH 2015 en bubok ...

The page "EDAPHI/Programación" includes another publication accompanied by example files

Prohimet web site ( ...

Guide for the design of hydrometric telemetry projects

The following link bring you access to a couple of documents (Spanish) that constitute the "Guide for the Design of Hydrometric Telemetry Projects", in whose writing I have participated

An article about the importance of knowledge of the hydrological cycle

I had the privilege of participating in the writing of WMO Bulletin 57, which focused on the theme of Hydrology for Water Management, with a group of authors of excellence. My intention with this article ("Understanding the hydrological cycle: Key to sustainable development") was to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of understanding the hydrological cycle for sustainable development challenges.

Link to the bulletin Vol 57 (3) - 2008:

Link to the article:

An example of integration of solutions for hydrological forecasting that includes EDAPHI

Within the framework of the OMM-CREWS Dominican Republic project (see details in the article), the problem of a hydrological forecasting system was addressed with an integrative approach to solutions, among which are some developed with EDAPHI.

"Synergies between hydrometeorological systems in the Dominican Republic" (Jim Nelson, Jacinto Artigas, Angel Aldana, Maibys Sierra, Enrico Boldrini, Tania Gascon)

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