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I offer specialized consultancy on water issues, as well as on issues related to other environmental issues and the management of hydro-meteorological risks.

I have experience in the elaboration of hydraulic and hydrological studies, for the solution of floods problems or for water resources management. I develope software solutions applied to hydrology problems, most of them work online with automatic hydrological information systems (SAIH). These developments include several real-time hydrological simulation and forecasting models. They are based on the most widely used public domain tools. The solutions are aimed to the implementation of decision support systems (DSS), and can be supported or based on geographic information systems (GIS) and databases.

Measurement networks and issues directly related to them (such as instrumentation, information quality management, product generation and dissemination) are the subject of several works, which together cover all aspects of hydrological services (national or other). In particular, I work on hydrometry problems, one of the most common and complex, both in field work and office work.

Much of my international professional experience is related to institutional strengthening and professional training, aimed at national hydrological services or hydrology departments of public or private institutions, although I have also led special projects in the field of hydrometeorology.

Thanks to my experiences and skills, I can offer integral solutions in the management of hydrometeorological risks, as well as in specific projects for hydrological forecasting systems and early warning systems (EWS).

The following solutions and services are offered:

  1. Studies

    1. River hydraulics and hydraulic works

    2. Hydrology

    3. Operation of dams and reservoirs

  2. Informatic

    1. Specialized databases

    2. Geographical information systems applied to hydrology

    3. Dissemination of information via the Internet

    4. Process automation

    5. Decision support systems

  3. Hydraulic and hydrological numerical models

    1. Application of commercial or public domain tools

    2. Design and development of customized solutions

  4. Measurement networks

    1. Design

    2. Instrumentation

    3. Maintenance and operation

    4. Information Management

    5. Dissemination of information

  5. Hydrometry

    1. Fieldwork

    2. Office work

    3. Instruments

  6. Training and institutional strengthening

    1. Diagnosis

    2. Strategic plans

    3. Modernization

    4. Investment Programs

    5. Training and Capacity building

  7. Integral Solutions

    1. Hydrological forecasting systems

    2. Early warning systems

    3. Flood emergency plans

    4. Integral hydro-meteorological risks management

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