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MTG.- Water resources assesment and balance calculation based on the Témez model and on GIS.

MTG calculates runoff and infiltration for water resources assessment on a monthly scale. Its model is based on the Témez method and uses Grass and Excel software. It was programmed with Python and VBA. It provides matrix calculations (raster GIS) and aggregates values calculations in basins.

Most data are entered in matrix GIS format: (infiltration parameter to obtain maximum infiltration, reference evapotranspirations, precipitations and consumptions).

For results contrasts and calibration tasks, time series of flows at points in the hydrographic network should be included.

It provides detailed, summarized results in a variety of formats, making it easy, for example, to connect to other GIS tools. Among the detailed results are the time series of all the variables, both as raster GIS and in aggregated values in basins. It provides many summaries with temporal, spatial and statistical aggregations, both in graphs and tables.

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