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Programing for operational hydrology

The Python language ( ) is very interesting for hydrology.

It is free, free and open source.

Most of the developments described in these pages have been programmed with this language.

There are many utilities that can be programmed with this language and the community offers a large number of solutions. See:

Thus, for example, it is worth mentioning:

  • S.I.G

  • office automation

  • Libraries (open source):

    • There are many open source libraries that can be used in development.

    • Among other:

      • Matplotlib.- Graphics

      • SciPy.- Scientific Computing

    • Models

      • With the above tools it is possible to implement hydrological models, and it is possible to find some complete developments in this language, or utilities to connect with others, in the case of Hec applications (see EDAPHI -MHH application)

The Classroom page includes training material on computing and programming in Python

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