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EDAPHI MHH-H. Hypermodels based on MHH models

The MHH module allows to generate hypermodels, by dividing a geographical area, a hydrological system, in several subsystems. In this way, a complex system can be analyzed by smaller and simpler subsystems, which facilitates tasks such as parameter calibration. Another advantage of this approach is that it facilitates parallel processing of each subsystem, which reduces calculation times.

In real-time mode of use, MHH-H launches MHH sub-models and controls their execution. The sub-models perform the analysis in the past time, calibrating or selecting the scenarios that best fit the measured values (data). The hypermodel uses the parameters selected or established by the sub-models and uses them in the forecast. By using the hypermodel for the forecast it is possible to extend the forecast lead times, according to the use of the concept of maximum allowable divergence.

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